fight for the living, kill the dead
before they kill you

Fight for the living, kill the dead…

Dexter Madsen | 17 | Team Forest | ?? | Colin Ford | OPEN 

Before the apocalypse Dexter was a average teenager who went to an average school, had average grades, wore average clothes, had an average part-time job and had an average girlfriend. Yet, his family never really hit ordinary. He was actually raised by his sister and brother. But he never complained, because he know that his parents would do their job much worse if they cared for their children. Something he wished for was having money and he swore to himself that one day he would have a good job with a great income. 

Now he’s still wishing for some kind normality in life. He misses social networking and secretly hopes that his girlfriend is still out there some there, although the memories of her are slowly fading away. His job is too go hunting. His brother is training him well on that. Also, he has skilled hands and is quick on his feet - he used to play basketball. One of his special talents is fishing, something he recently found out.

Positive traits -  honest, strong (physically and emotionally), quick, fair, thorough
Negative traits - gullible, stubborn, hormone-driven, discontent, restless, immature, 

"This is shit. I'm tired of living like I'm nothing worth!"

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